We are a driving school and much more!

Our Mission is to provide high quality, customer centric, relevant, and realistic training designed to increase force protection and survivability in tactical environments.


L7 Tactical is based out of Las Vegas, NV and is capable of providing mobile training teams to meet our customer’s needs when and where required.


L7 Tactical provides instruction based on years of lessons learned grounded in current tactics, techniques, and procedures.



Our courses deliver tiered instruction that enable customers to understand the strengths and limitations of their equipment as well as providing foundations in applying advanced tactical skills in their individual mission areas.



Experience has demonstrated that those with previous training and inoculation to the stressors of life threatening events realize much higher survival and success rates than those who learn by doing real time.



Instruction can be straight from our lesson plans or tailored to customer mission sets and/or needs.


All of the instructors at L7 have direct operational experience in the subject matter as well as in depth experience in providing tactical instruction in a variety of Special Operations disciplines.